Not only do our pilots love to fly, but many of them have also built their own airplanes too! As a local extension of the Experimental Aircraft Association, our Chapter provides pilots and builders with the resources and assistance they need to complete a project safely and successfully.

Through the programs that EAA has set up, we offer Technical Counselors who can periodically visit your project and provide guidance, advice, and/or inspect it for any potential issues. Once your airplane is built, our Flight Advisors will walk you through the process of performing your first flight. With these and other resources we provide to local aircraft builders, you can be sure that your project will have the greatest chance of being completed safely!

What is “Experimental”?

Per FAA regulations, an aircraft may be classified as Experimental based on a variety of reasons depending on its intended purpose. Typically for us in EAA however, our aircraft commonly fall into the “Amateur-Built” designation, often referred to as E-AB. In short, E-AB aircraft are fabricated aexperimentalnd assembled by the owners who fly them for the purpose of education and/or recreation. Many of these aircraft begin as kits you can purchase, and can then be assembled in your garage, basement, hangar etc. This is no simple undertaking, though– even some of the most basic kit aircraft can take hundreds or even thousands of hours to complete!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of taking to the skies for the first time in an aircraft that you built with your own two hands. With the right amount of patience, dedication, and a little help from EAA, you can make that dream a reality!

What We’ve Built

Our chapter members have built a variety of different aircraft, from very slow and simple single-seat designs all the way up to high-performance cross-country cruisers that comfortably seat four adults. These planes are flown with pride by their builders, many of whom have been featured in magazines or recognized at national air shows.

Just a few examples of aircraft built right here in Eastern Iowa by our members!
Just a few examples of aircraft built right here in Eastern Iowa by our members!

Contact Us

Got a question about building a plane or getting ready to take your first flight? Ask the pros here:

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